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Eriko Imai is a Japanese female singer.She is a member of Speed.

Chitose Hajime is a Japanese singer. She is from Amami Ōshima and sings in a style particular to that region.

Arashi is a five-member Japanese boy band.

Misia is a female Japanese R&B singer from Fukuoka.

Chemistry is a Japanese pop/R&B duo.They were winners of the reality show.

Mika Nakajima is a female J-pop singer.

Sukima Switch is a J-pop duo who are from Aichi.

UA is a Japanease female singer born in Osaka.
Jyounetsu means “Passion”.

Remioromen is a Japanese rock band.

RIP SLYME is a Japanese hip hop group. It is composed of 4 MCs and 1 DJ.

Teruma Aoyama is a Japanese Pop and R&B singer.

Mongol 800 is a rock band from Okinawa, Japan.

Ken Hirai is a Japanese R&B and pop singer.

Tatsurō Yamashita is a Japanese singer-songwriter, and record producer.

This song is always quite popular in Christmas season in Japan.
I should have posted this a month earlier.

I post both Japanese ver. and English ver. here.

Original Japanese ver.

English ver.
Aqua Timez is a Japanese rock band.

Senno Yorowokoete means "Passing Over a Thousand Nights''.

Kaela Kimura is a Japanese female singer,songwriter,and model.

The song in the first half of this video is Rirura Riruha, and one in second half is Moustache.

Crystal Kay is a J-pop singer. She is half Afro American and Japanese Korean.
She has collaborated with M-Flo, Chemistry and other well-known recording artists.

This song is featured by VERBAL from M-flo.

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Ayaka is a Japanese female singer from Osaka.

This song was the one of the most sold copies in 2006.

Orange Range is a 5-member Japanese alternative rock band, based in Okinawa.

Mai Kuraki is a Japanese singer-songwrite,born in Kyoto.

GReeeeN is a four-member Japanese vocal group from Koriyama city in Fukushima prefecture,

Skip the introduction of the first minute.

Nobodyknows+ is a Japanese hip hop group,and all of members are from Nagoya.

This video is not an offcial video clip,sorry about that.

Love Psychedelico is a Japanese band, widely popular in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.

L'Arc-en-Ciel a Japanese rock band, formed in 1991. They have had gigs outside of Japan.

Ryuichi Sakamoto is an Academy Award-winning, Grammy-winning, Golden Globe-winning Japanese musician, composer, producer and actor, based in New York and Tokyo.

Before starting his solo carrer,he was a member of successful synthpop trio Yellow Magic Orchestra.

This song is instrumental.

Bonnie Pink is a Japanese singer songwriter,born in Kyoto.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra is a Japanese Ska and Jazz band.
They have collaborated with several vocalists outside of their band,and this song is sung by Tamio Okuda who is a famous songwriter.

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant was a Japanese rock band.
They broke up in 2003.

I joined their gig in Tokyo several years ago,and it was totally crazy.

Namie Amuro is a singer from Okinawa.

She had become a queen of J pop when she was 20.

Perfume is a female J-pop and electropop group from Hiroshima.

They call themselves the "Near Future Technopop Unit"